ross creek residency excerpts

An open sharing space

Ross Creek Centre for the Arts

August 31st-September 6th, 2020

Take it Slow, Keep it Sweet

Choreography by: Katherine Semchuk

In collaboration with the dancers of Nostos Collectives


this is where i'll stay

accepting uncertainty

Choreography: Emily Spearing

Premiered April 2019 at the Winchester Street Theatre, Toronto, ON

Remounted July 2019 for NextFest 19 in Edmonton, AB


Parallel Paths

Parallel Paths is based on the possibility that the life you are living is also being lived by a person whom you might cross paths with or never interact. It is the feeling of being lost and feeling alone. It is the idea of life’s paths crossing and having near misses. Where are we, as humans, supposed to be in our lives? Are we in the place we are supposed to be? At what point are you failing yourself? Are we alone on our journeys?

Choreography: Jessica Lowe & Anastasia Wiebe

Premiered November 2018 at the Alderney Landing Theatre, Dartmouth, NS

Remounted for Saint John Contemporary Dance Festival 2019

Head Over Heels

Choreography: Emily Spearing & Gavin Law

Premiered April 2018 at the Winchester Street Theatre, Toronto, ON

Remounted January 2019 for Dance Ontario Dance Weekend '19 at the Fleck Dance Theatre 

This work explores and deconstructs conventional concepts of love while juxtaposing alternative representations of relationships and intimacy.

soft music

the act of disuniting or separating a complex object into parts / a disruption in the aspects of consciousness, identity, memory, actions, and/ or the environment

Choreography: Irena Ponizova

Premiered April 2018 at the Winchester Street Theatre, Toronto, ON

from Adam to ashes

Choreography: Tyler Angell

Premiered April 2018 at the Winchester Street Theatre, Toronto, ON

When contemplating the human condition, it is clear that traces of ancient barbaric traits still remain in spite of evolution.  Even in modern society, as humans we continue to be governed by our primal instincts; every facet of our existence is influenced by our innate desires. This internal dissonance of primal instinct versus societal construction leads us to sometimes make choices with dangerous global implications. Can we redeem ourselves and keep our instincts at bay? Or will our actions render the world as we know it to ashes?

4 short works by Nostos Collective Members:
The Tribe - Jake Ramos
stray limbs - Drew Berry & Miyeko Ferguson
Anfractuous - Sonja Boretski
Unrequited - Irena Ponizova 


Premiered November 2017 at the Dancemakers Baker Studio, Toronto, ON


The Boy's Section

Choreography: Emily Spearing

Premiered May 2017 at the Dancemakers Studio Theatre, Toronto, ON

Bloom version 2

Choreography: Jake Ramos

Premiered May 2017 at the Dancemakers Studio Theatre, Toronto, ON

we'll call this bliss

Choreography: Irena Ponizova

Premiered May 2017 at the Dancemakers Studio Theatre, Toronto, ON


Choreography: Jessica Lowe & Georgia Skinner

Premiered March 2017 at the Bus Stop Theatre, Halifax, HS

"groupthink" is an exploration combining improvisation, choreography, and theatre. exploring an arena style theatre to challenge both ourselves and the audience by creating a 360 degree performance venue. 

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